Astronomy Club

Astronomy is the oldest of the science and one of the most dynamic activities. It is no wonder that the body of knowledge in the subject is vast, and that teacher often feel intimidated by the subject. This high level of general interest can be channelled to foster enthusiasm towards science among students through an astronomy club. The Institute has started an Astronomy Club in 2014 with an objective to provide an exposure among the students to the amazing field of astronomy as well as enable them to pursue their hobby/research interest in this field. The club has a High Resolution Binocular and a Laser for observing the sky activities. The department (Science and Humanities) has organised a three days workshop on Astronomy and Sky Observation. Prof A. S. Mahajan (Retd.) Professor, Department of Physics, IIT Bombay was invited as an expert. He has delivered the lectures on how to do astrophotography, image processing, analysing images of star clusters and nebulae to determine their age. Student enjoyed these activities and can often apply their new skills at home.

Most students have never looked through a telescope before, and therefor they will enjoy learning to identify some of the constellations. Therefore the club is planning to a buy a High Resolution Reflector Telescope for astronomical activities. With the help of telescope one can study Moon, planets such as Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune etc.