Klick- Photography Club

Perhaps the most popular club of the Institute, Klick- the Photgraphy Club has groomed many a photographer. The club began functioning under the guidance of the eminent photographer Shri Threesh Kapoor and has seen students take up the reins wholly since then, conducting regular classroom and outdoor sessions for its members, organizing Photography Workshops and covering all the events organized in the Institute throughout the academic year.

The Institute Calendar for the year 2015 with the theme " Amazing Srinagar" was shot in part by the members of Klick, which was a matter of pride for the Club and from then every year the Institute calendar is shot by the members of Klick. The theme of the calendar for the year 2018 is "Cities of Uttarakhand". The Institute has a Canon EOS 60D, two Canon EOS 1100D, and a Sony Camcorder along with accessories such as 50mm Prime Lenses, tripod, etc, to enable students capture perfect shots. The Institute has also subscribed to magazines like National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler, Lonely Planet, etc. for developing a taste for photography in interested students.

Executive Members:

1. Ashvini Sihra CLUB SECRETARY
2. Puneet Agarwal JOINT SECRETARY
3. Kuber Suryavanshi JOINT SECRETARY
4. Ashutosh Yadav CO-ORDINATOR
5. Supriya Bugalia CO-ORDINATOR
6. Ishani Dabral TREASURER