Department of Electrical Engineering

To be a premier department amongst the foremost technical institutions, through the pursuit of research excellence and the promotion of innovation.


1.To develop a skilled academic system for enabling excellent research and researchers-Starting off from national needs, development projects should take into account the changes brought about and required by the international research society. As future demands for competence with high-standard of research and teaching methodology which can be achieved by active, creative, open-minded and unbiased role of true pioneers.

2.Teaching that builds critical thinking abilities and creates platform for innovation- Faculty of the department must impart education which encourages critical thinking consequently enhances curiosity-based learning which is achieved by asking questions aimed at making the student think. The faculty must be very approachable and the classroom environment being concentrated on learning must also be student friendly. Moreover, cultures of creativity and disruptive innovation are promoted by the department that helps to establish new standards for Innovation in the frontier areas of research related to the field of Electrical Engineering.

3.Practice and promote high standards of professional ethics-It must be ensured that high standards of professional ethics are followed to preserve integrity. As the teaching profession is based on the concept of faculty as an expert, with high level of education hence, they are assigned specialized tasks to implement the professional ethics which creates an atmosphere of trust, respect and confidence in the actions of each person involved in the organization. Learning objectives are so developed that helps students to identify their own bias which has key influences on their current and future environments.

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