The library has open access system along with a reading room facility. The Library houses a total collection of approx. 32,000 printed books (with more than 6000 titles) which includes Text books and Reference books in the field of Engineering and Technology, Sciences and Humanities, English Literature and Fiction. The library has a rich collection of E-books (i.e. 26,457 titles) procured from various renowned publishers and the library subscribes various online databases to increase and enhance the quality of academic and research work. The library subscribes 69 magazines for the students as magazines plays an important role in an educational institution or organization and supply the variety of news on a regular basis (i.e. weekly, monthly etc.) and keep the users updated about the latest news and happenings taking place in our country as well as in the world at large. The library's has Online Public Access Catalogue to search all the bibliographic records available in the library through a web based search i.e. WebOPAC.


There are total 26,457 titles of e-books which have been procured by the library in the year 2012-2013 from various renowned publishers on perpetual basis (i.e. lifetime) which can be accessed 24x7 by the users of the Institute.

Publisher Total No. of eBooks
Springer 14,426
Elsevier 4,033
Pearson 1,906
Tata McGraw-Hill 500
ASME Press 129
ICE Publishing 1,405
IEEE-MIT Press 400
IEEE-Wiley 600
Wiley Online Books 3,058