Resarch Areas of Faculty

S.N. Name of Faculty M.Tech Dissertation Title PhD Thesis Title
1. Mr. Vikas kukshal Mechanical Characterization, Fracture Toughness and Erosion Wear Behaviour of Ceramic Particulate Filled A356 Alloy Composite Physical, Mechanical and Triblogical Characterization of High Entropy Alloy
2. Dr. Niraj kumar mishra Thermal Modeling of Oil Fired Furnace Development of Self–Aspirated Two–Layer Porous Radiant Burners for LPG Cooking Applications
3. Dr. Anshul Developing model for optimizing fuel consumption in an aviation product using neural networking Active vibration control of smart structures using fuzzy logic controller and its experimental implementation
4. Dr. Yogesh kumar prajapati Free Surface Undulation and Air Entrainment in a Rectangular Tank Two-phase Flow Investigations in Various Microchannel Configurations
5. Mr. Dungali sreehari Development and Experimental Study of Process Parameters in Ultrasonic Turning Development of Silicon Microchannels by Micro-USM for Heat Transfer Applications
6. Dr. Pawan kumar rakesh Experimental investigation of EDM Process on High Carbon High Chromium Steel Secondary Processing of Polymer Matrix Composites
7. Mr. Hitesh sharma Prediction of forces and damages in machining of composites using artificial intelligence Development and Characterization of polymer based composite materials
8. Mr. T. Sudhakar Taylor Bubble Flow in Microchannel having an Obstacle Understanding of Complex Two-Phase Flow Structures Using LBM

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