Office Orders 2016

16.01.16-Office Order (Admisibility of CPDA funds from 01.01.2016)
16.01.22-Circular (Admisibility of Special Casual Leave)
16.01.22-Circular (Attendance on 26th January & 15th August)
16.01.22-Circular (Time period for applying for any kind of Leave)
16.02.23-Circular (Dress Code for 26th January & 15th August)
16.05.12-Circular (reg. stay in Institute after working hours)
16.05.26-Office Order (Evaluation of Examination)
16.05.26-Office Order (Procedure for Vacation)
16.05.31-Office Order (No detention during Summer-Winter Term Exam)
16.08.01-Office Order (Reimbursement of medical expenses)
16.08.03-Notice (Guidelines for providing consultancy)
16.08.16-Circular (Empanelment of Hospitals-reg)
16.08.17-Office Order (Engagement of classes during leave)
16.08.31-Circular (Reg. Name beneath the Signature)
16.09.05-Notice (Regarding punctuality in classes)
16.10.18-Circular (Representation from Govt. servants on Service matters)
16.10.19-Circular (reg. Leave Instructions)
16.11.08-Circular (Attendance Instructions)
17.01.03-Office Order (Regarding forwarding and NOC during probation period)
17.01.05-Office Order (reg. Attendance in Aadhaar Enabled Bio-Metric Attendance System)

Office Orders 2015

15.01.19-Circular (Family Declaration)
15.02.23-Circular (Security of documents)
15.03.18-Circular (Permission for Booking of Tatkal Tickets)
15.03.26-Circular (Forwarding of application & Issuance of NOC)
15.03.27-Circular (Duties & Responsibilities)
15.03.27-Circular (Written confirmation of Oral assent)
15.03.28-Circular (Official E-mail procedure)
15.04.15-Circular (Availing of Vacation period)
15.06.09-Circular (Calculation of Vacation leave during 1st year of service)
15.07.08-Circular (Preference of Accomadation at Employee Hostels)
15.08.14-Circular (Entitlement of 5 days SCL)
15.10.07-Circular (Empanelment of Hospitals)
15.10.07-Circular (Representation from Govt. servants on Service matters)
15.10.07-Circular (Use of papers)
15.10.22-Office Order (Leave sanctioning authorities)
15.11.18-Circular (Forwarding of application & Issuance of NOC-only 3 times)
15.11.20-Circular (Punctuality for attending the office)
15.11.27-Notice (Examination duties of faculty)
15.12.15-Notice (Seating arrangements during examination)

Office Orders 2014

14.02.27-Office Order (Entitlement of Compensatory Leave)
14.07.07-Office Order (Using of whitener or correcting fluid)
14.09.22-Office Order (Official Air Travel)
14.11.18-Circular (Unauthorized correspondence by the faculty members)
14.11.19-Circular (Booking of Air Tickets under LTC)
14.11.21-Circular (Maintenance work)