Dahi Handi

The first event of September that marked its presence on 5th was Dahi Handi competition, observed on the auspicious occasion of Janmastami. It was a year-wise competition and the batch which took the minimum time in breaking the handi was declared the winner. The event attracted the large audience including the localites. The ambience turned even more fascinating as the participants began to form pyramids in an attempt to reach the handi. SSB Academy, Srinagar-Garhwal, also participated in the event and emerged as the winner. udents were given freedom to perform any cultural event within a period of one hour and thirty minutes. Dance, drama, music, poetry were the heart and soul of this entertaining extravaganza. Audience enjoyed every moment of the 3-day bash. The 2nd year (2014) Batch emerged as the winner of the complete three day Cultural Competition. This event amused and induced zeal in everyone.ampus. Strategy was made to clean each and every corner of NIT Uttarakhand campus, football ground, ITI and polytechnic campus. The campaign began its work at different-different locations with the common aim of eradicating the dirt, squalid and dusts from our society. , Srinagar. A total of 79 students & 14 staff members of the Institute participated in the same. The adventure training began with jungle survival demonstrations by the military officials. Further activities involved Mountaineering, Hiking, Tracking, Rappelling, Camping, Commando Training, Physical Training, etc. Participants were made familiar to concealment training and were provided exposure to different kinds of explosions. Finally, a Weapon Display Exhibition was arranged to document the advancement in arms and ammunition in India. Thus, the Adventure Week at Gwaldam provided the students and staff members of NIT Uttarakhand an unique and noteworthy experience of its kind.

Dahi Handi Celebration

On the eve of Janmashtami on 25th August 2016, a cultural program and "Matki Phod Competition" was organized in the Institute. The Officers and Staff from SSB also participated in the celebration. This is a trend that goes back to the time when Lord Krishna as a child used to make human pyramids and break open pots of butter hung up in all the houses. Thus, this festival is a way of reliving the mischief and pranks played by Lord Krishna.