Departmental Gathering

A rejuvenating experience and a well-deserved break from the hectic academic life, the Departmental Gathering at NIT Uttarakhand was organized by the Council of Student Activities (CSA) between November 1st-2nd, 2014. The event provided an ideal platform for the juniors and seniors to interact and build a good rapport. Each branch was represented by their peerless tagline, like Acopia (CSE), Droidz (Mech), Electrovaganza (EEE), Euphoria (ECE), Structomania (CIV).The event included games such as treasure Hunt, Flash mob, Sack race, quiz, debate, etc. The highlights of the day were inimitable event like Fun Ki Rally of ECE and CSE theme based fashion runway of "beggar" and "tribe". The highlight of the final day was the DJ night, where everyone moved to the groove and partied. It was the most happening event of the year and had everyone yearning for more.

Few Glimpses of Department Gathering