Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development Programme

The E-Cell, NIT Uttarakhand conducted the pre-Eureka workshop 'ILLUMINATE' in collaboration with E-Cell, IIT Bombay on 24th September 2017 in the institute premises. Mr. Priyesh Karia was the speaker for the workshop.

Mr. Karia discussed the qualities of an 'Entrepreneur'. Being maverick and rebellious for right reasons is significant. But most important is the belief in oneself and self-respect that can make anything possible. He emphasized on finding an opportunity in a problem and converting it into a solution.

The key aspects of entrepreneurship were discussed. As the students got familiar with the intricacies of entrepreneurship, groups of 6-7 were formed. Students were asked to identify a problem, ponder over its solution and contemplate on different aspects like market size, customers, etc. within the stipulated time of 25 minutes.

All the students actively participated in the activity and quite sincerely worked upon what they were told. One by one each group presented their ideas and details. Mr. Priyesh Karia patiently listened to their points and then questioned them back mentioning the shortcomings related to the plan and discussed how to overcome those.

The students understood the relevance of chasing their passion, transforming idea to reality, innovation and audacity of taking risks without worrying about failure or social pressure. The session concluded on a positive note, as students gave an overwhelming response to speaker Mr. Priyesh Karia and students found the session insightful and resourceful.