CLIFFESTO(2018)- Techno-Cultural Festival

Cliffesto-Carnival at the hills. An annual technical and cultural festival of National Institute of Technology, Uttarakhand which serves as a platform to emerging and latent talents in the cultural and technical domain. A four day long carnival and one of its kinds in the region and which became a notable event with its increasing popularity with every succeeding year. Cultural and technical arena being open for all, along with peak entertainment in the form of Pro-nites has once again proved a great event this time.

Day 0(March 15, 2018):
Inauguration ceremony

Inauguration ceremony started with lamp lighting by director sir Prof. Shyam Lal Soni, Registrar Col. Sukhpal Singh and chief guest Lt. Col. Vivek Jamdar, second in command of J&K light infantry. After which the Fest Convenor introduced the Sponsors and the organizing team,followed by the performance of "AZAM NIZAMI QAWWAL", performance by PIPE Band of J&K light infantry and Beatboxing by Divyansh.


Day 1(March 16, 2018):

A number of Cultural events like inductions of Singing, Dancing, Sketching, Band war events and technical eventslike Robowar, Blind programming, Maze runner, where each event entertained a prize money to winners rangeing upto rupees Ten Thousand each, camouflaged the campusalong with the pro night performance of the famous band "THE LOCAL TRAIN" energized the crowd. Students of NIT, Uttarakhand stood winners of Band War event and bagged a handsome prize money.


Day 2 (March 17, 2018):

A day of few more cultural, technical and informal events and "Vogue-The Fashion event" event of main attraction enrolled the highest participation. A student from NIT, Uttarakhand was named Mr. Cliffesto and participants from HNB, Garhwal University bagged other positions. The day ended with the EDM Night by CLUB BANDITZ and KALPANIK BASS which gathered around 1500+ participants.


Day 3(March 18, 2018):

The last day of the fest consisted of Finale rounds of cultural events like dancing, singing, poetry and other technical events like Robokick, Floater, code streak, etc. And ended with the mind-blowing performance of HARDY SANDHU and registered a footfall of 2000+ students, highest compared to the past.


Team Cliffesto’18 have successfully organized the event. A total of 500+ participants from HNB, Garhwal University, HNB Medical University, GBPEC Ghurdauri, THDC New Tehri, and few more institutes from Roorkee and Dehradun, participated in various competitions. Team Cliffesto’18 processed the prize money to the winners within a month. A total prize money worth around "Rupees Three Lakh" have been transacted as promised to the winners of various events. This is considered to be the greatest achievement by the Committee. This is how Cliffesto’1818 ended as a successful event.

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CLIFFESTO(2017)- Techno-Cultural Festival

The annual techno cultural fest of the institute "Cliffesto" was organized between 17-20th February , 2017.Various pre-fest events like the "Clothes donation campaign", "Blood donation camp", "cleanliness drive", "plantation drive" etc. were organized two weeks prior to the actual fest. "Cliffesto -symphony of illusion 2017" was inaugurated on the evening of 17th February 2017 with the lamp lighting ceremony in the esteemed presence of honorable Registrar Col. Sukhpal Singh, Associate Dean (Student welfare) and faculty members at the inauguration ceremony with the performance of Delhi based Sufi rock band: Rotten Guitars, Cliffesto 2017, symphony of illusion was kicked off . It gave an energetic and exhilarating beginning to the fest. The first day of fest was marked with fascinating events like virtual reality, hoverboard, paintball, robobilliards and a lot more, auditions for solo singing and dancing were conducted. Technical events like code marathon, skydomes, wifi-lifi floater were organised. A huge number of people participated in these events. Racing bikes were exhibited under the bike expo which amazed everyone around .In the afternoon, one of the most coveted events, Battle Of Bands, was organized. From rock to slow music audience remained captivated every moment. In the evening audience was mesmerized by the soulful music of Kabul and Rockveda band's performance. People were enchanted by the show. Many informal events kept the participant involved all day long.

If 1st day was fascinating, second was no less. Events began with the auditions for solo singing and dancing round 2 and final battle for street play. Along with cultural many technical events like Robokick, Reincranation, Quadcopter sprint show, Robowar etc. were organised and then comes the heart throbbing event-"RED CARPET :The fashion show". A large number of participants marked their presence in the event.

Beside this a lot of informal events like Humanoid snake and ladder, Bottoms Up, Humanoid chess were organised to maintain the spirit of the show. In the evening EDM Night was commenced, keeping up the mood, the DJ VH1 Supersonic 1O1 played peppy numbers to which the crowd couldn't resist to stop their legs from shaking.

20th February, Final day of the Cliffesto, began with the final round for solo singing, solo dancing and group dance, Technoplex like BRAHMOS, ROBOCOURSA, CLIFFSHARK were organized for the enthusiastic technofreaks. Duet singing and duet dancing final round revealed some of the best brilliantly choreographed and well-coordinated performances. And in the evening, the most awaited event KANIKA KAPOOR's concert was organized, which filled the air with jest and joy and captivated the audiences with melodious songs and wonderful performances.

Thus Cliffesto 2k17: Symphony Of illusion was marked as one of the best techno-cultural fest which left its imprint on everyone's heart.

Few Glimpses of Cliffesto-2017


CLIFFESTO(2016)- Techno-Cultural Festival

The Annual Techno-Cultural Event of the Institute, "Cliffesto" was organized between 19th -21st February, 2016. However, various pre-fest events like the 'Blood Donation Camp' and 'Cleanliness Drive' were organized a week prior to the actual event. Cliffesto was inaugurated on the evening of 18th February, 2016 with lamp lightening ceremony in the esteemed presence of Honourable Director, Registrar, Associate Dean (Student Welfare) and Faculty members. The evening was studded with some stupendous performances from the students and the refreshing performance by "Keechad Band".

The first day of the festival witnessed many Cultural events like Solo singing, Solo dance, Street play, Poetry Competitions and Technical events in the form of MATLAB Workshop, Debugging, Lan Gaming, Robokick. The evening had wonderful performance in the form of BAND WARS, in which different bands performed. The second Day was full of mesmerizing events like PIZZAZ (Fashion show), Duet singing, Standup Comedy, Group Dance, Mimicry, Rafting workshop

Technical events like RASBERRY PI workshop, Engine assembly workshop, Code clash, Robo war were organized with a huge participation of students. However the event of the day was the EDM night by Sunburn. The final day had Technical events like Grid Runner, RoboCoursa, Reincarnation and they were followed by finals of some of the cultural performances like Solo Singing , Solo Dance, Street Play and Pizazz (Fashion Show) with prize distribution ceremony. Besides, it is a matter of great pride to report that for the first time in Uttarakhand, a college festival having an unique event like Weapon Display Exhibition, which was organized by the Sixth Battalion of Kumaon Regimen. The final closing night witnessed the heart throbbing performance of none other than the king of Desi Rap "BOHEMIA". With more than 1300 students registered the festival, Cliffesto 2016 was way bigger and successful than ever before

Few Glimpses of Cliffesto-2016


CLIFFESTO(2015)- Techno-Cultural Festival

NIT Uttarakhand organized its first National Level Techno-Cultural Festival - "Cliffesto" from 20th to 22nd February, 2015. Cliffesto, which is a combination of the words "cliff" (signifying height/location of NIT Uttarakhand) and "fest" (signifying festival on the cliff). The event got much needed support from big corporate houses like Fastrack (the Title Sponsor), NBCC (the Co-title Sponsor), ONGC (the Presenting Partner), The Times of India (the official Media Partner), the State Bank of India, Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board, etc. The maiden edition of Cliffesto managed to garner participation from students of more than ten Institutes and Universities including IIT Roorkee, IIM Indore, MANIT Bhopal, MJP Rohilkhand University Bareilly, DIT University Dehradun, College of Engineering Roorkee, etc.

Apart from various Cultural and Technical Competitions in the form of Dance, Music, Dramatics, Fine Arts, Robotics, Bridge Gearing, Coding, LAN Gaming Competition Cliffesto 2015 was studded with many attractions and activities. The major attractions of Cliffesto 2015 were a National Level Rafting Workshop sponsored by Sarovar Ganga, "Sham-e-shayari" which was a congregation of renowned poets like Rahat Indori, Sandeep Sharma, and Parth Naveen, a competition of bands in "Orchest-o-ra" and the performance of Dr. Palash Sens band "Euphoria" in the Pro Nite on 22nd February. Furthermore, Team Cliffesto undertook various social initiatives in the form of organizing a Blood Donation Camp in association with VCSG Medical College, Srinagar and LIC (Life Insurance Competition) and a Cleanliness Drive at Srinagar. With prizes worth Rupees Four Lacs, Cliffesto witnessed participation from more than four hundred students from outside, which in itself was an encouraging feat considering that it was the maiden festival of a newly established Institute.

Few Glimpses of Cliffesto-2015



Council of Student Activities (CSA) organised its very first Techno-cultural Fest, Prodaya 2014 during April 18 to 20, 2014. The theme of the Fest was Prarambh (A new start), Prakriti (Nature), Pratiyogita (Competition) and Prodyogiki (Technology). Prodaya has been one of the much awaited college festivals of Uttarakhand. It is one of its kinds of a national level festival organized in the foothills of Himalayas which witnessed huge participation from hundreds of colleges, with more than a thousand participants competing in over 30 events. Competitions in Prodaya covered a wide variety of fields like Robotics, Quizzing, Coding, Lan Gaming, Musical Performances, Singing, Dancing, Band Performances, Dramatics, Fine Arts and Literature. Our flagship events include cultural performances by internationally acclaimed bands, Robotic Contest, Mathematics Contest (Math-O-Mania), Build the Circuit and Band Wars.

Prodaya also organized National Advance Robotic Workshops (N-ARC) in association with I3Indya, New Delhi in various college of Northern India where the students will be exposed to cutting edge technology and will have the hands-on opportunity to work and build their own gesture controlled robots. In the inaugural ceremony, Prof. B M Ganveer, ex-Registrar, VNIT, Nagpur was special guest while Prof. H T Thorat, Director, NIT Uttarakhand was the Chief Guest.

Few Glimpses of Prodya-2014