Verbatim Club

The Speaker's Club is a platform to encourage public speaking. It helps students to build up their confidence to share their ideas, views and comments. Having the idea and presenting the idea are two different arts. Everyone has an idea but only a few can present it in a structured and coherent manner. We are very well aware how companies through advertisements create a lasting impact in our minds even though the quality of their product is not at par with others. Thus, Verbatim seeks to provide students with the opportunity to gain confidence and give them the platform to brush up their speaking skills and come up being effective orators. The Club regularly organizes sessions like debates, extempores, group discussions, street plays, role plays, political discussions, poetry sessions, pictures and movies feedbacks and many other interesting activities from time to time. The Club has built up a tradition of going through five words each session which are very frequently mis-used and mis-spelt.. The club wishes and strives to keep up its good work in the future to help students present their ideas in a lucid and impressive manner through their public speaking skills.