Resarch Areas of Faculty

S.N. Name of Faculty M.Tech Dissertation Title PhD Thesis Title
1. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pal Analysis of metal-gate double-gate MOSFET on device variability perspective Dual-k Spacer Engineered Devices for High-Performance Digital Circuit/SRAM Applications
2. Mr. Kumar Gaurav Simulated Analysis & design of micro strip notch filter with the help of perturbation method using MATLAB” Steganography
3. Ms. Ghanapriya Singh Color Image Enhancement by scalar transformations solving out of gamut problem Probabilistic framework for context awareness
4. Mr. Santosh Kumar Bhagat Design fabrication and modeling of RF MEMS based circuits for wireless communication Low Noise Oscillator
5. Ms. Sweta Agarwal Frequency Reconfigurable Active Antenna CMOS RF transceiver
6. Mr. M. Raja Madasamy Advanced Modulation Formats for High Speed Optical Communications Photonic Crystal Devices
7. Mr. Tushar Goel Planar Fractal Antennas for UWB Applications Antennas for Inter-Satellite Communication
8. Mr. Hemant Kumar Singhal Tunable Filters Using RF MEMS RF Device & Circuit Characterization
9. Mr. Tejas Laherii The Multiband Filter Design --

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