Department of Electronics Engineering, NIT Uttarakhand has received a project on Special Manpower Development Programme Chip to System Design (SMDP-C2SD) for VLSI Design & related software for a period of five (5) years w.e.f. 2015 from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MeitY), Govt. of India, New Delhi. NIT Uttarakhand is one of the new Participating Institute (Category III), mentored under the IIT Roorkee cluster. The other Participating Institute (PI) in the IIT Roorkee cluster are NIT Goa, NIT Jalandhar, NIT Patna. VLSI design laboratories with advanced EDA tools have been set up to be used by the Participating Institution. It provides several resources for the use of students, staffs and faculties. The EDA tools are being used in the various courses taught during the course of Post-graduate and Research Programs. The goal of the programme is not limited to promotion of R&D in VLSI/SoC/System Design/Image processing but also promote the quality researcher in the country through network B. Tech, M.Tech, and Ph.D.Programme


1. Manpower Generation

i. Primary Objective - To train special manpower in the area of VLSI Design and related software at M.E./M.Tech level (Type-II manpower). In addition to this, generation of Type-III manpower i.e. M.E./M.Tech in other areas of electronics etc. with at least two courses on VLSI design was also undertaken.

ii. Secondary Objective - Train Type-IV manpower i.e. B.E./B.Tech in electronics etc. with graduate level courses on VLSI Design. However, the program was not only limited to generation of Type-II, III & IV manpower but also generated manpower at Ph.D level in various aspects of VLSI design/microelectronics (Type-I manpower).

2. Project implementation

i. To build an FPGA board level data acquisition system with LCD based monitoring system for the application of "Remote Detection of alive Humans-Disaster Management.

ii. To develop "FPGA board level implementation of multilevel authentication electronic locker security system"

News & Announcement

1. PRSG meeting to be held in the month of Nov/Dec, 2019

2. CEERI, Nodal Agency and Meity asked for UC-FY-2018-19 and to be submitted around 2nd week of September, 2019.

3. PRSG meeting-VI held at MeitY Delhi, Which attend by Dr. Pankaj Kr. Pal and Rajesh Saha. They presented the progress of the Project to RC and MeitY in the month of June/July, 2017.

4. Six Monthly FY and Technical report with Utilization Certificate (July-Dec, 2018) sent to CEERI Pilani and MeitY.

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