Movie Club

In the academic year 2014-15, NIT UK received necessary approvals for the initiation of a Movie Club and the Club started functioning from August, 2014. The Club aims not only at providing entertainment and recreation, it also focuses on generating social consciousness among students. It strives to make students aware of the current social problems and impress upon them the idea that education cannot be limited within the confines of a classroom. Contextually, it attempts to make students global citizens by acquainting them to alien cultures and practices, and by unmasking the commonality amongst their differences. The Movie Club screens classic, award-winning movies and documentaries in English, Hindi, and other regional languages and such movies are handpicked by a Committee, comprising of students, staff, and faculty members of the Institute. In addition to the entertainment side, the club encourages creative thinking among students by promoting activities like short-documentary making, conducting workshops regarding film making, and use of various photography techniques, composing film critiques, etc. Further, the club grooms and nurtures English-speaking confidence among the students, develops English communication skills and familiarize them to proper pronunciation and grammar by screening English movies.

The Movie Club at NIT Uttarakhand screens 2 movies every week at its Auditorium. The auditorium has a seating capacity of around 350 people and is equipped with fire safety devices, 5000 lux projector, 3 speakers, 3 amplifiers, sound mixer, 8 surround sound speakers, and a DSP processor procured from JBL. The movie club caters not only to the students but also to staff and faculty members of the Institute.