Office Orders 2022

2022.01.19-Circular-Republic Day
2022.01.19-Office Order (Reg. CPDA is hereby withdrawn)
2022.02.09-Office Order (Prof. Lalit Kumar Awasthi)
2022.02.11-Office Order (Reg. assigned the responsibility of Dean, Heads & Coordinator-PTP)
2022.02.11-Office Order (Reg. reimbursement of Newspaper)
2022.02.11-Reg. delegation of authorities
2022.02.18-Office Order (reg. sanctioning authorities of Leave, claim, allowances and concessions)
2022.02.18-Office Order( Reg. Authorization of endorsement letter)
2022.02.22-Office Order (Reg. delegation the financial powers)
2022.02.28-Office Order (Reg. flow chart for procurement as per GFR-2017)
2022.03.01-Office Order (Reg. assigned responsibility of Associate Dean, HoD & other portfolios)
2022.03.01-Office Order (Reg. authorized to works related to research proposals)
2022.03.14-Office Order (Reg. responsibility of buyer on GeM Portal)
2022.03.15-Circular (Reg. CCS Rules)
2022.03.23-Office Order (Reg. Grievance Cell)
2022.03.23-Office Order (Reg. Special Cell)
2022.04.01-Office Order (Reg. assigned the additonal responsibility of Estate Office)
2022.04.04-Office Order (Reg. administrative & financial power delegated)
2022.04.04-Office Order (Reg. deputation)
2022.04.05-Office Order (Reg. authorized signatory for signing of the cheque of all the bank accounts)
2022.04.05-Office Order (Reg. authorized signatory for all transaction through TSA)
2022.04.08-Office Order (Reg. outside communication, correspondence with Mnistry of Education and other stakeholders)
2022.04.19-Office Order (Reg. CPDA guidelines)
2022.04.19-Office Order (Reg. grant of imprest cash)
2022.04.19-Office Order (Reg. reimbursement of Newspaper & Telephone charges)
2022.04.19-Office Order (Reg. responsibilities-Chief Warden)
2022.04.21-Circular (Reg. guidelines for procurement)
2022.04.21-Office Order (Reg. assigned the responsibilities)
2022.04.21-Office Order (Reg. Internal Complaints Committee-ICC)
2022.05.26-Circular-Reimbursement of Medical claim

Office Orders 2021

2021.01.04-Office Order (Reg. CPDA)
2021.01.05-Circular 2021 Holiday
2021.01.13-Office Order (Reg. Name beneath the Signature)
2021.01.28-Office Order (Reg. special cash package equivalent in lieu of LTC Fare for Central Govt. Employees during the Block 2018-21)
2021.03.11-Office Order (Reg. sanctioning & signing authority-Leaves, workshop, seminar etc.)
2021.07.16-Circular-Empanelment of Hospitals
2021.07.16-Office Order (Reg. Holiday of 2022)
2021.10.08-Office Order (Dr. Akhilesh Swarup)
2021.12.14-Office Order (Reg. Research Advisory Committee of NIT Uttarakhand)
2021.12.15-Corrigendum-The Department of Dr. Gurinder Singh Brar
2021.12.15-Office Order (Reg. administrative forms related to CPDA and Procurement process)

Office Orders 2020

2020.01.29-Office Order (Reg. Overtime Allowance)
2020.02.04-Office Order (Reg. Children Educaton Allowance and Hostel Subsidy claims may be submitted to the Estt. Section for reimbursement after 1st April)
2020.02.19-Circular (Reg. Empanelment of Hospitals for treatment of employees and their Dependent family members)
2020.02.20-Office Order (Leaving of station without prior sanction)
2020.02.25-Circular (Reg. pathway for the safe commutation between Polytechnic Campus to ITI Campus via NIT playground at Srinagar Garhwal)
2020.03.13-Circular (Regarding prevent spreading COVID-19 in the Institute)
2020.03.13-Office Order (Regarding assignment of the responsibility of playing the role of Ex-Office Member)
2020.03.18-Office Order (Regarding Coronavirus)
2020.03.25-Office Order (Lockdown)
2020.04.14-Office Order Lockdown (2.0)
2020.05.03-Office Order (Lockdown 3.0)
2020.05.17-Office Order (COVID-19 Lockdown 4.0)
2020.05.26-Work Allocation (2020-21)
2020.05.31-Office Order Unlock 1.0NITUK
2020.06.02-Office Order (Handover of charge including of email ids)
2020.06.19-Circular (Joint Declaration)
2020.07.28-Office Order (Reg. Special Casual Leave)
2020.08.28-Office Order (Reg. Forwarding, NOC & Online-Offline application)
2020.11.26-Office Order (Reg. assigned the responsibility of Incharge Director-Dr. Hariharan Muthusamy)
2020.12.04-Office Order (Reg. temporary charge of the post of Director, NIT Uttarakhand-Dr. Satish Kumar)

Office Orders 2019

19.04.24-Office Order (Reg. Buyer and Consignee under GeM)
19.06.03-Office Order (Reg. booking of Air Tickets, Hotels and Taxi)
19.06.17-Office Order (Reg. responsibility of Departmental Coordinator)
19.06.25-Circular (Reg. empanelment of Hospitals)
19.06.29-Incentive for acquiring higher qualifications(7th CPC)
19.06.29-Office Order (Reg. Reimbursement in respect of Newspapers purchased)
19.07.23-Office Order (Reg. purchase & reimbursement of Briefcase, Office Bag & Ladies purse )
19.09.14-Circular (Reg. unnecessary excess of employees in the Administration)
19.09.14-Office Order (Reg. Delegation of Financial Powers)

Office Orders 2018

18.01.05-Circular (regarding medical facility)
18.01.05-Office Order (reg. Reporting and Reviewing Officer for faculty and Trainee Teachers)
18.01.09-Office Order (Reg. Delegation of financial powers)
18.01.10-Office Order (reg. delegation of financial powers - guidelines)
18.01.16-Office Order (reg. sanctioning authorities of Leave, claim, allowances and concessions)
18.01.18 -Circular (reg. utilization of Institute Ambulance)
18.01.18 -Office Order (Reg. Procurement through Government e-Marketplace, GEM)
18.01.29-Circular (Regarding report of the CAG for LTC)
18.01.30 -Office Order (Reg. withheld of delegation of Financial Powers)
18.02.13-Circular (Regarding Travelling Allowance)
18.02.16 -Office Order (Reg. Special Allowance to Incharge)
18.02.19-Circular (Reg. Children Education Allowance guidelines)
18.04.12-Circular (Regarding medical treatment of lnstitute employees and their dependent family members) (2)
18.06.25-Office Order (Reg. Delegation of financial powers)
18.07.13-Circular (Reg. Empanelment of Hospitals)
18.11.02-Office Order (Reg. handing over of charge)
18.12.10-Office Order (Reg. permission for online-offline application, Forwarding of application, Issuance of NOC)

Office Orders 2017

17.01.03-Office Order (Regarding forwarding and NOC during probation period)
17.01.05-Office Order (reg. Attendance in Aadhaar Enabled Bio-Metric Attendance System)
17.06.10-Office Order (Regarding Reporting and Reviewing Officer w.r.t. writing of APAR Forms)
17.06.21-Circular (Use of Gov email)
17.07.06-Office Order (Absence during office hours)
17.10.16-Office Order (reg. Dr. Vineeta Negi Panwar shall function as Public Information Officer)
17.10.16-Office Order (reg. Registrar shall function as First Appellate Authority)
17.7.18Circular (Reg. Grant of Lien to Institute employees)
17.7.27-Office Order (reg. guidelines for utilization of CPDA by faculty of NITs)
17.8.23-Office Order (reg. assigned the additional responsibility of Assistant Warden)-Girls Hostel
17.8.23-Office Order (reg. assigned the additional responsibility of Warden)-Girls Hostel

Office Orders 2016

16.01.16-Office Order (Admisibility of CPDA funds from 01.01.2016)
16.01.22-Circular (Admisibility of Special Casual Leave)
16.01.22-Circular (Attendance on 26th January & 15th August)
16.01.22-Circular (Time period for applying for any kind of Leave)
16.02.23-Circular (Dress Code for 26th January & 15th August)
16.05.12-Circular (reg. stay in Institute after working hours)
16.05.26-Office Order (Evaluation of Examination)
16.05.26-Office Order (Procedure for Vacation)
16.05.31-Office Order (No detention during Summer-Winter Term Exam)
16.08.01-Office Order (Reimbursement of medical expenses)
16.08.03-Notice (Guidelines for providing consultancy)
16.08.17-Office Order (Engagement of classes during leave)
16.08.31-Circular (Reg. Name beneath the Signature)
16.09.05-Notice (Regarding punctuality in classes)
16.10.18-Circular (Representation from Govt. servants on Service matters)
16.10.19-Circular (reg. Leave Instructions)
16.11.08-Circular (Attendance Instructions)

Office Orders 2015

15.01.19-Circular (Family Declaration)
15.02.23-Circular (Security of documents)
15.03.18-Circular (Permission for Booking of Tatkal Tickets)
15.03.26-Circular (Forwarding of application & Issuance of NOC)
15.03.27-Circular (Duties & Responsibilities)
15.03.27-Circular (Written confirmation of Oral assent)
15.03.28-Circular (Official E-mail procedure)
15.04.15-Circular (Availing of Vacation period)
15.06.09-Circular (Calculation of Vacation leave during 1st year of service)
15.07.08-Circular (Preference of Accomadation at Employee Hostels)
15.08.14-Circular (Entitlement of 5 days SCL)
15.10.07-Circular (Representation from Govt. servants on Service matters)
15.10.07-Circular (Use of papers)
15.10.22-Office Order (Leave sanctioning authorities)
15.11.18-Circular (Forwarding of application & Issuance of NOC-only 3 times)
15.11.20-Circular (Punctuality for attending the office)
15.11.27-Notice (Examination duties of faculty)
15.12.15-Notice (Seating arrangements during examination)

Office Orders 2014

14.02.27-Office Order (Entitlement of Compensatory Leave)
14.07.07-Office Order (Using of whitener or correcting fluid)
14.09.22-Office Order (Official Air Travel)
14.11.18-Circular (Unauthorized correspondence by the faculty members)
14.11.19-Circular (Booking of Air Tickets under LTC)
14.11.21-Circular (Maintenance work)