Research & Consultancy Section

Research and Consultancy Team (2020-2021)

Dr. Dharmendra Tripathi Dean (Research & Consultancy)
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Mishra Associate Dean (Research & Consultancy)
Innovation & Incubation
Dr. Vikas Kukshal Coordinator, Innovation & Incubation
Dr. Gaurav Kumar Member, Innovation
Dr. Krishna Kumar Member, Startup
Dr. Abhinav Kumar Member, Incubation
IPR Cell
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pal Coordinator (IPR Cell)
Mr. Hitesh Sharma Member, (IPR Cell)
Industry-Institute Interaction
Dr. Maroti Deshmukh Coordinator, Industry-Institute Interaction and Brand Building
Dr. Jagrati Sahariya Member, Industry-Institute Interaction and Brand Building
Community Development
Dr. Anshul Sharma Coordinator, Community Development Initiative
Dr. Abhinav Kumar Member, Community Development Initiative

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