Research & Consultancy Section

Sponsored & Consultancy Projects

S. No. Research Projects PI/Co-PI Govt./Non-Govt Body Amount (Rs) Year Status
Synthesis and development of polymeric compounds (phenylated quinolone based) for OLED (Organic light emitting devices) applications Dr. I. M. Nagpure DST-SERB, New Delhi 22,49,600.00 2015-2018 Completed
Regioselective synthesis of fused polyaryl compounds via nucleophilic addition to borylbenzenes: application to the synthesis of topopyrone C & D Dr. Saroj Ranjan De DST-SERB, New Delhi 18,60,000.00 2015-2018 Completed
Synthetic Structural and optical aspects of Photoactive MOFs Dr. Rampal Pandey DST, New Delhi 14,29,095.00* 2013-2019 Completed
Special Man Power Development Programme Chip to System Design (SMDP–C2SD) Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pal Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) 36,97,140.00 2015 Ongoing
Development and Analysis of Cancelable Biometric Template Generation for Person Identification Dr. Nitin Kumar UCOST, Uttarakhand 02,09,000.00 2018 Ongoing
Design and Innovation Centre (DIC) Dr. Pawan K. Rakesh MHRD, Govt. of India 33,00,000.00 2018 Ongoing
Secret Sharing Scheme Based Technology for Multimedia Security Over Cloud Dr. Krishna Kumar DST, New Delhi 40,00,000.00 2019 Ongoing
Solar Pump Irrigation Based On PV Cell Technology Dr. Vinod Singh Yadav (Co-PI) CRS-MHRD scheme 9,67,000.00 2019 Ongoing
Hybrid Solar Air Heater Used For Commercial Purpose Dr. Vinod Singh Yadav (Co-PI) CRS-MHRD scheme 12,61,000.00 2019 Ongoing
Development of solar powered thermoelectric cooler using desiccant dehumidification Dr. Yogesh Kumar Prajapati (Co-PI) CRS-MHRD scheme 9,71,000.00 2019 Ongoing
Analysing Online Reviews of Universities and Colleges using Machine Learning Dr. Nitin Kumar (Co-PI) TEQIP-III, UTU, Dehradun 2,00,000.00 2019 Ongoing
Fault Tolerant Control Scheme for PWM Inverter Fed Induction Motor Based Electric Vehicle Dr. Saurav Bose (Co-PI) TEQIP-III, UTU, Dehradun 3,00,000.00 2019 Ongoing
Open Circuit Fault Tolerant Operation of Five Phase Induction Motor Drive Used in Electric Vehicle Dr. Saurav Bose (Co-PI) TEQIP-III, UTU, Dehradun 2,00,000.00 2019 Ongoing
Solar powered robust E-Rickshaw control with bidirectional DC-DC Converter using regenerative cycle boosts charging Dr. Prakash Dwiedi & Dr. Saurav Bose Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology 30,02,000.00 2020 Ongoing
Study of FeRh epitaxial films and heterostructures for spintronics applications Dr Hardeep Kumar UGC DAE CSR, Indore 02,26,440.00 2020 Ongoing

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