NIT Uttarakhand offers ample opportunities to its students to engage in both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Right from organizing visits to Power Stations, Automobile Manufacturing Industries, etc. to supplement theoretical knowledge with practical insight, to promoting students to visit various IITs for participating in competitions and Technical and Cultural Fests to organizing its own grand Annual Fest, NIT Uttarakhand has developed a very vibrant campus life. Various Student Clubs wholly managed by students under the guidance of faculty members, ensure that the whole Academic Year remains abuzz with different activities, events, workshops, celebrations, etc. Each club is governed by an Executive Body which has a Club Secretary, a Joint Secretary (two in case of the Literary Society), a Treasurer and two Executive Body Members (three in case of the Literary Society).

Some of the popular clubs of the Institute include Klick- the Photography Club, Movie Club, Verbatim - the Speakers' Club, Literary Society - the nodal club for all literary activity, Robotics Club, Rocktave- the Music Club, Dance Club, the SAE BAJA club, the Programmers' Club, etc. The Institute publishes its monthly newsletter 'Technosavvy' and nurtures writing skills and creativity of students through its wall magazine 'Think Tank.' The Institute also employs qualified coaches and trainers for training students in various outdoor and indoor games like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Table tennis, Chess, etc.