Resarch Areas of Faculty

S.N. Name of Faculty M.Tech Dissertation Title PhD Thesis Title
1. Mr. Prakash Dwivedi Formulation of model predictive control algorithms for linear and nonlinear processes Fractional Order Controllers
2. Mr. Vineet P.Chandran Modelling and analysis for capacitor requirement of self-excited induction generator Intelligent voltage and frequency controllers for renewable energy systems
3. Mr. Mahiraj Singh Rawat Transient Stability Analysis of Multi Machine Power System Power System voltage Stability
4. Mr. Sourav Bose Power quality improvement of isolated wind and solar based energy conversion system DFIG based wind energy conversion system
5. Mr. Saumendra Sarangi Economic load dispatch using particle swarm optimization Adaptive power network protection using synchronized data
6. Mr. V. G. Durgarao Rayudu Adaptive Neuro - Fuzzy Control of a Robotic Manipulator Model Order Reduction Control of a Dynamic System and Controller Design
7. Mr. Suryanarayana Gangolu Improving dynamic performance of wind forms using STATCOM Protection of series compensated Transmission lines
8. Mr. Tripurari Nath Gupta Development of multiple isolated DC power supplies using isolated PWM converter. Development of multiple isolated DC power supplies using isolated PWM converter.
9. Mr. Manoj Kumar Senapati Classification of cardiac arrhythmia using electrocardiogram (LDA) Control and Protection Scheme of DC Micro-grid system
10. Mr. Nitesh Kumar (Trainee Teacher) Switched Reluctance Motor --
11. Ms. Jyoti Kumari (Trainee Teacher) Hybrid Microgrid Islanding Detection --
12. Mr. Rohit Kumar (Trainee Teacher) Investigation on power conversion systems for plug in electric vehicle --

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