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Club Structure of Council of Students Activity (CSA) 2022-23
The Council of Student Affairs is the students governing body that organizes and regulates all student activities. It is responsible for conducting various events of the Institute smoothly. It plans budgets, nominates students commitee for various events, selects club executive bodies, regulates proper functioning of the clubs and monitors all other activities through its various meetings organized fortnightly. Six Clubs have to formed under CSA such as cultural and Fine Arts, Technical, sport, Literary, Film and Photography, Adventure Activity and Community Services. Each year all the executive and associate members of the various clubs are elected through personal interview. Elected members of the clubs coordinate all the students activity under their respective clubs successfully during their tenure. For the same faculty coordinators of all clubs are already appointed by the Competent Authority and Responsibility was given to them to select the executive and associate members from students. Following executive and associate members were submitted by the club coordinator for further approval.

Co-ordinator Executive Members Associate Members

Dr. Nitin Sharma

  • Anshul Gupta (BT18MEC025)
  • Kaushik Kumar
  • Akhil Yadav (BT19CIV018)
  • Yashvi Verma (BT19ECE014)
  • Dinesh Pande (MT21CSE007)
  • Ashita (BT20ECE017)
  • Rashmi (BT20ECE009)
  • Nikki Arya (BT20CSE016)
  • Saurabh Kumar Jha BT21MEC008
  • Satyavrat BT21MEC026
  • Harshit Sharma BT21EEE008