Student Medical Insurance

Every Student of NIT Uttarakhand are covered under a medical Insurance by paying a premium of Rs.500 (which may be changed yearly).

The Key Benefit of Student Medical Insurance Scheme are Highlight on below points:

1: Medical Insurance cover against hospitalization for Rs. 50,000/- yearly per student.
2: Medical Insurance cover against OPD expenses of Rs.4, 000/- annual per student.
3: Ambulance charges of Rs.3, 000/- annual per student.
4: A Buffer Fund of Rs. 5, 00,000/-with a limit of Rs. 75000/- per claim, over and above the normal limit if medical insurance irrespective of the number of students. This buffer fund, which may be used for the students in case they exceed their limit of Rs.54,000/-.The Dean of Student Welfare on behalf of NIT Shall recommend all such cases beyond the normal limit of Hospitalization/OPD expenses.
5: Personal Accident death cover per student of Rs. 75,000/-.
6: The Student shall be reimbursed Rs. 65,000/-, the institute fee in case of accidental death of earning parents.
7:Rs. 15,000/-(irrespective of cost/make/model of the laptop) as the cover for los of laptop of the student during transit to and fro from home,bonafide travel for industrial Training/Field Visit/Projects etc. or during stay at Hostel/Institute Premises. The Student shall take all ordinary and reasonable precaution for the safety of the laptop .For the loss of the laptop, FIR should be lodged and police report is to be submitted in support of the claim.
8: The cover will be applicable from the day one, i.e. from the date of commences of the Policy.