Events Under TEQIP


Programme Title


STTP on "Synthesis and Characterization of Multifunctional Materials" during 11-15 Nov,2019 11th Nov to 15th Nov. 2019
ONE WEEK SHORT TERM COURSE ON Computational Techniques in Electrical Engineering (Under Twinning Program) 19th Nov to 23th Nov. 2019
STC on "Renewable and Sustainable Development of Electrical Energy Systems" during 25th to 29th Nov,2019. 25th Nov to 29th Nov. 2019
ONE WEEK SHORT TERM COURSE ON "Fractional Calculus : Applications in Science and Engineering" 16th to 20th December,2019 16th Dec to 20th Dec. 2019
TEQIP-III Sponsored Short Term Training Program on "Artificial Intelligence Applications in Internet of Things" at NITUK Satellite Campus, MNIT Jaipur 23rd Sep. to 27th Sep. 2019
One week Short Term Course on "Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics and Control Methods" under TEQIP III September 19-23, 2019
International Conference on Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, (ICDLAIR) 2019, under TEQIP-III December 06-07, 2019
NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON Pollution Control Technologies and Sustainable Development October 03-04, 2019
CFP-National Seminar on Gandhi October 02-03, 2019
2nd International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Nanotechnology (ICAMEN 2020) February 28-29, 2020
One Week Short Term Course on "Construction Challenges v/s Infrastructure Development " in Hilly Region 09th - 13th, September 2019
One Week Short Term Course On Research trends in frontier areas of Electronics and Communication in Industry and Academia September 16- 20th , 2019
One week Short Term Course on "Research Methodology" under Twinning Program May 27- 31 , 2019
Short Term Training Programme on "Material Characterization & Analytical Techniques for Research Applications (MCATRA-2019)" July 1-5, 2019
One week Short Term Course on "Application of Statistics Experimental Techniques" 29 July to 02 August, 2019
A Multi-Track International Conference under TEQIP-III (Twinning program), February 26-29, 2020
(i) SLIET-I-CON - 2020 A Multi-Track International Conference March 01-02, 2019
Track I: International conference on "Advances in Mechanical Engineering (AME- 2020) 26th to 29th February, 2020
Track II: International Conference on "Advances in Soft Computing Techniques (AISCT-2020)" 2020
Track II: International Conference on "Advances in Chemical, Food and Bioprocess Technology (ACFBT-2020)" 2020

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