Library Services
  • Membership

The library provides regular membership to all the students, faculty members and employees of the Institute. After the enrolment with the Institute the student automatically becomes the member of the library.

The number of books that can be borrowed by the library members is as follows:

Category of Member No. of Books that can be Issued Duration of Issue
Faculty Members 10 One Semester
Research Scholars 4 15 Days
M.Tech./B.Tech. 5 15 Days
Non-Teaching Staff 2 One Month

[Note:There is a provision of overnight issue of magazines/yearbooks to the faculty members of the Institute. The magazines/yearbooks can be borrowed after 6 p.m. which is to be returned next day at 9 a.m.]

  • Circulation Service (Issue/Return)

The working hours for the issue & return of books are:

Monday to Sunday/Gazetted Holidays: 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

  • Book Bank Facility

There is a Book Bank facility for the students in the library. Under this facility, the set of text books are issued individually to each student according to the prescribed syllabus who avails the Book Bank facility at the beginning of the Semester. The text books are issued for one semester (i.e. six months) and the Fees to avail the Book Bank facility is Rs. 500/- for each Semester.

  • Email Alert Service

The Library provides “Email Alert Service” for the Circulation (Issue/Return) and various other activities of the library. The two Dot matrix printers are installed in the library for printing the Circulation slips to keep the separate issue/return record of the users.

  • Turnitin (Similarity Check Software)

Institute Library provides an similarity check software called Turnitin that allows you to detect similarity from project work, academic paper, article, dissertation/theses, or any other research or innovation related work.

  • Audio-Visual

A good collection of Educational videos (i.e. NPTEL video courses) are available for the users on varied subjects and made accessible via FTP server of the Institute. The library also contains CDs/DVDs on different subjects.